We're In It For Your Outcome

No More Diets


We provide innovative evidenced approaches to ensure that our clients successfully become free from excess emotional and physical weight.

When I decided to have Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) a lot of my family and friends were against it. I heard everything from "You're taking the easy way out" to "Why can't you just diet and exercise" 

Well I had diet and exercised my way up to 250 lbs on this 5'2 frame. And I did it through every diet known to man which I consider the easy way. They were easy because all I had to do was to follow the formula and I didn't have to worry about dealing with the thoughts and feelings associated with my early childhood trauma that led to my weight gain early on in life. Since I never dealt with my Mental Health my weight just multiplied over the years.

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Retrain Your Brain


Most diets work....at helping you feel like a winner when you lose 30 lbs and like a loser when you gain back 50. Ultimately, most diets fail you and make you feel like a failure because you beat yourself up for not succeeding.

Our approach to permanent weightloss is different. We empower you to understand how your unconscious thought and feelings lead to choosing food for survival vs. choosing food for enjoyment. Our program will help you retrain your brain so that you can begin to manage your emotions by using healthy coping skills and develop the eating habits that feel right for you.

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Write Your Own Permission Slip


If you're like I used to be then you make a lot of your choices based on everyone elses wants and needs. If that is true then you probably have been in relationships where you gave and gave until you have nothing left for yourself. And after awhile you stopped recognizing yourself. You lost the power of your voice and your choice. Your choice to live in the freedom of who you were born to be. That dream you had of becoming more faded away in the lives of others. While everyone else is in the game, you've moved from the bench to the locker room. But there's this small space inside of you that has you here looking for someone who's looking for you. Well, that someone is me and I am here to remind you of your worth and value.  Allow me to  partner with you in redefining yourself. You have found someone who will gently assist you with removing your body armor by successfully releasing your weight through facing and replacing what's been eating you!

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